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The Collection

The Love Diamonds' collection consists of high-quality luxury jewelry made of pure gold that allows matching of sets of jewelry with a collective design line, similar cut and polishing amid jewelry. Love Diamonds allows every woman to express her femininity, power and her happiness in life. Love Diamonds offers jewelry sets with pure lab diamonds, at an attractive price and high-quality.

A prestigious and an impressive engagement ring is the essence of any marriage proposal for it symbolizes the union of two people in love. We at Love Diamonds offer luxurious diamond rings that are chiefly suitable for significant life occasions. A Love Diamonds ring brings with it a sense of power.

A special all around diamonds ring. Elegant and suits for every event.

Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets have been considered the “Holy Grail” of the world of diamond jewelry

Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are the perfect piece of jewelry that every woman should have!

Oded & Eden Choose Love Diamonds

Oded Menashe choose Love Diamonds and gift his wife Eden Harel with a gold & cultural Diamonds tennis bracelet

About Us

Love Diamonds - is a house of professional designers who specialize in designing luxury jewelry set with lab diamonds....

Truly Pure Love

We at Love Diamonds believe that purchasing cultured, lab-grown diamonds jewelry is a sophisticated decision for a number of reasons. The foremost reason for the preference of lab-grown diamonds among all our customers in the world is sustainability and protection of the planet...