About Us

Love Diamonds is a house of professional designers who specialize in designing luxury jewelry set with lab-grown diamonds. Laboratory diamonds are cultivated diamonds produced in a precise procedure in specialized laboratories and undergo the same polishing process as earth-mined diamonds. The difference between cultured diamonds and mined diamonds is just the habitat – a mined diamond comes from underneath the ground while a cultivated diamond is produced in a laboratory.
The human eye cannot distinguish between a lab-grown diamond and an earth-mined diamond. Cultivated diamonds encourage values ​​of sustainability and environmental protection. On the other hand, mined diamonds convey the opposite. In every abandoned diamond mine, especially in Africa, a crater remains hollow and it harms the environmental material of any area where diamonds were mined. Moreover, purchasing lab diamonds is a surefire way to avoid exploiting diamond miners in Third World countries.
Setting jewelry with lab diamonds allows the sale of exceptional jewelry that used to be the portion of wealthy people only.
Love Diamonds allows more people in the world to purchase diamond-studded jewelry and more people to purchase grander, more remarkable, and impressive diamonds.