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Cultured diamond is produced in a precise procedure in specialized laboratories, and undergoes the same polishing process as a mined diamond. The lab-grown diamond is identical in its characteristics to the diamond that is extracted in mining from underground. The only difference between a cultured diamond and a diamond mined from the ground is a certificate attached to the mining diamond. It is quite impossible, even for professionals, to distinguish between a cultured diamond and a mined diamond.

Price differences range from 30% to about 50%, depending on the piece of jewelry, the desired size of the diamonds and some other factors. Overall, cultured diamonds jewelry can be more prominent and it allows the use of more prominent and larger diamonds than those of a mined diamonds jewelry.

Yes, you can exchange jewelry that was not custom made such as engagement rings. Love Diamonds allows exchanging or restoring the amount as a store-credit of jewelry ordered up to 14 days from the order date and only if the jewelry package has not been opened or used. In order to return the jewelry, you must send it back via mail, by the assist of our online customer service where you will also choose another piece of jewelry to receive instead of the one you return.

First of all, select a design that suits you from the catalog.

Secondly, select the size and shape of the diamond that will be set in the ring.

After that, select the desired shade of gold.

And lastly, measure the right size of the ring using our measurement card or our measuring tape that are available to print in the link below.

If necessary, when receiving the ring, you can to re-adjust the size to get a perfect fit.

Congratulations!  😊

Love Diamonds grants a lifetime warranty for their diamonds. While jewelry is given a two-year warranty, not including physical damage or exposure to extreme chemicals.

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